Friday, July 02, 2010

A Source for Courage

Our household subscribes to a handful of publications, one of which is"Guideposts."  This 5"x7" put-in-your-purse magazine has proven the test of time, as it started back in the 1940s when it was co-founded by the famed Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  My husband's mother subscribed to it for years, and many times I found myself curled up in her recliner reading the short stories of inspiration and hope.  The stories are true, written by ordinary people, who share their real-life experiences that grab one's heart and make a person really stop and think.

In the last issue, there's an article about two women who met through  This is a website that one can log onto anytime, day or night, and make a prayer request.  There are volunteers who then prayer for you.  Two ladies, whose husbands were both experiencing kidney diseases met through this website, emailed each other, compared notes about doctors' advice, what they were going through, and prayed for one another.  One lived in Ohio and the other in Canada.  Both husbands needed kidney transplants and received them within six weeks of one another.  They've now had ten years of friendship, and "Guideposts" shares a picture of the four faithful friends.

I think we need more inspiration the older we get.  Lots of new things pop up in our lives, mostly centered around our health, and it's always comforting to know someone out there truly understands because they're going through the same thing we are.  Having "Guideposts" laying on the coffee table or hearth gives one a quick source for encouragement, which we all need once in awhile.

It's my thought that most human beings have within them the urge to talk to a Higher Force, especially when things go haywire and we feel like the problem is bigger than we are.  My idea of prayer isn't repetition, but rather a good  old  one-on-one with My Creator.  I can pretty darned close and personal with Him sometimes, but so far He hasn't thrown me out of the game.  In fact, I think He likes it when I'm honest and up front with Him.  I've also warned Him that when I meet Him someday, He'd better have some pretty good answers for the questions I've got stored up for Him.

So it is that if you come to my home please feel free to pick up this little magazine if you see it laying here somewhere, and also don't hesitate to read a short story or two, and tear out one of the subscription orders.  Or, you can go to  I just think I'm gonna pour me another cup of coffee now when I finish my blog and re-visit the July issue myself.