Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bath Time

Happy Independence Day!  Where I live, the sky is dark and heavy, looks like it will open up and give the earth a good old-fashioned bath.  Weather alerts were beeping already yesterday putting our area on flood alerts for the next couple of days.  Wouldn't be surprised if tonight's fireworks would be called off.  Went to bed last night and the sound of fireworks and big booms sang me to sleep.  Someone in town was thinking ahead of the rain and celebrated on the Eve of the 4th.  I think that may have been a very smart idea.

Our little garden wants the rain and is doing its best to produce some peas and beans.  We eat the peas raw mostly and add them to salads.  Summer salads are scruptious, 'specially when the veggies come from one's own soil (or a thoughtful neighbor's soil). 

A few years back a gentleman lived down the street a few houses from us, and he was a top-notch gardener.  He lived alone and had a garden to feed 20.  He'd put tables up in his front yard, lay boxes of vegetables out for sale, and mark them ridiculously low prices.  On the honor system, no less.  He simply left a coffee can out there in which we put our payments.  What a treat that used to be for me, I'd come home from the office and walk down for something yummy to put in a stir fry or whatever we were having for supper.  When the tomatoes ripened, he'd have 5-gallon pails of tomatoes waiting to be carried away.  Once in awhile he'd stick his head out the door and tell me to just take whatever I wanted, that I didn't need to pay him.

Wish we could grow fruit in this climate, like limes and lemons, grapefruit and oranges.  Citrus is my fave, I'd have to say.  And, I need limes for my vodka yummies when cocktail hour arrives!  I like things tart with a bit of zing.  Like Emmerill would kick it up a notch!

A light mist is already starting.  Like my husband said, if the fireworks fizzle out, we'll go to Plan B and have a rain dance!!!  Our neighborhood salutes this wonderful America of ours, with flags flying high.  The weather really doesn't make us much difference.....all that is important is that we are all safe, free, and have the privilege to celebrate any way we choose.

Have a fun-packed day, but be careful and stay safe!