Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mugs and Matters of the Heart

Our 3-some here had a slumber party downstairs last night because of the heat.  Even though we have central air, the upstairs just doesn't cool down.  The smooch pooch is the one that was most miserable, and she laid on the bed panting until finally we decided we'd let her call the shots-----again!

It's fun to shake up one's routine once in awhile, so doing stuff like camping downstairs, for us, is kinda fun.  We got out bedsheets, brought our pillows downstairs, and we each grabbed a couch.  The smooch pooch is an incredibly loyal little girl, so she slept on the floor between the den and  livingroom, right smack between us.

Right now I'm sipping coffee and hubby is out for his morning walk.  If you'd come to our home, you'd notice that none of our coffee mugs match.  That's because over the years we'd buy mugs to bring home with us from trips.  A mug didn't take up much room in the car, so made the perfect souvenir.

The mug I'm using this morning is one that a former co-worker gave to me before he left the office for another job in another state.  It was the mug he drank coffee from while we worked together, and every time I choose it from among the mix, I think of him. The mug is a 1984 Hardee's Rise and Shine mug.  Wonder where life took P.O.  People who move out of our lives sort of disappear into thin air, and most likely we won't ever see one another again.  Yet, I'm still having coffee with him and his coffee mug.

Storm warnings were in our forecast for overnight, but neither of us heard any thunder.  Am to the point now where I'm waiting for cool fall air to move in so I can bring out my sweatshirts.  Loose-fitting and comfy, that's me.

I've got to boast that yesterday I got my yellow star as an eBay seller/buyer.  That's the first level star one gets, so it's like I've reached the first rung on the bottom of the ladder.  But, for me, that's success.  Three months ago I didn't know how to go about selling, but after I took a local 2-day class I am putting things up for sale and am learning something new with each transaction.  I started with small items that were low-priced, but now I'm stretching out a little bit and putting out some of the things that have been hidden away for years that will bring me a bit more moolah.  Of course, there are eBay fees and postage costs, etc., but I couldn't have a more fun challenge in Life #2 (a/k/a/ retirement).   So far I've shipped items off to California, Florida, Iowa, and Georgia. 

I'm parting with my childhood toys, the few that have gone full circle with me.  I came across a box the other day that had been packed away since forever, and inside the box I found the plastic furniture from my doll house that I had when I was a little girl.  We lived in an old stone house, and it had very thick limestone window sills.  My doll house sat up in the window sill, and I stood on the davenport (sofa) to play in it.  That's how small I was.  Gosh, if only my doll house were still with me.  Hmmmmm.

Maybe it's a life passage when we reach the junction where we are ready to pass on or sell the things that meant the most to us.  If it's a life passage, then I'm there.  Letting go is a great part of life in so many respects.  Maybe there should be an eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt let go.....when it's time."

My hubby is back from his walk and wants me to join him out on the patio.  So, that's what I shall do.  Sunday blessings to all who follow my blog!  Ta-ta.