Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yellow Tulips

We have yellow tulips blossoming around the lamp post in front of our home. Besides two peony bushes, they are the only early spring flowers that grow in our yard. Sometimes having only a few makes them more special. After coming back to visit every spring, they become like old friends. We look forward to our huge pink peony blossoms every year, but if we get a hard rainfall, they will surely be ruined in one downpour. The petals fall off and the water weighs down the long stems. The peony fragrance is divine, and I usually bring a big bouquet inside the house. The only trouble with that is that an army of ants come in, too.

Dandelions are disliked by the majority of homeowners, but, to me, they are pretty. What flower looks more like the sun than a dandelion? This spring we did something we've never done before. We picked dandelion blossoms, washed them, breaded and fried them. It was simply something fun and different to try, and we would do it again. Dandelion greens make for a salad base, but they tend to be a bit bitter. The generation before us picked dandelion greens like we pick lettuce from our gardens. It's fun being adventurous.

I'm looking for a used coaster wagon to plant pansies in. Pansy blossoms make for beautiful dessert decorations, and they're edible. What's prettier than a yummy dessert topped with whipped cream and adorned with a pretty pansy!