Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Green

Hi....this is my first attempt at blogging. For years I've journaled privately, and here I am writing for all the world to see. My fingers are apprehensive knowing that.

We've had four days of rain where I live, but this morning the sun's rays are warming me through the east window of our livingroom. Spring has been edging its way into our lives now for the past month, and the lawns and trees are refreshingly green. Wildflowers have carpeted the timber floors with whites, lavenders, and yellows. The wrens have returned, and last evening I spotted one perched on a branch right above the little green house we hung out for residence. There is nothing like the sweet, innocent songs that the wrens offer to us so abundantly. Mother's Day usually marks their arrival.

For anyone who reads my blogs, I welcome you to my world.