Monday, May 17, 2010

Eagles and Silos

Photos of beautiful nature scenes helps keep those images alive for us. It's interesting which moments we choose to hold onto. We were out driving yesterday. The weather was perfect for a late-afternoon drive. Our fur-baby loves to go for rides just as much as we do. She sits on a pillow on my lap and seems to watch and wonder. Oh, how I wish I could know what is going on in her fuzzy little head.

As our vehicle wound around the gravel roads (getting dusty) we spotted an eagle's nest high in a tree. Something triggered inside me, and I had to take a picture. Off a ways, a bald eagle proudly sat on a tall tree branch. No doubt he's the current resident of the nest. Had to have a picture of the eagle to go with the nest. But, the battery had died on the digital, and so we had to settle for memories.

I have an interest in old silos. Wish I'd have taken pictures of all the unique ones we have spotted on our day trips. One day we saw one that had a tree growing out the top. Standing aside the huge silos the farmers use today, the simple old ones look pretty inefficient. But, their presence helps us remember the way things were.