Friday, May 21, 2010

Watermelon Seeds

It's been an overcast day, with a light mist. As I sit out on our back patio, the foliage around me is heavy, it feels like a rain forest out here. A mourning dove coos and a couple of owls are visiting nearby. The weather man says warmer weather is on its way for the weekend. The families having graduation parties will be pleased about that.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm invited to a bridal shower. Then in the evening we'll be going to a surprise birthday party. The host is going to provide the burgers, brats, and dogs. The guests are to bring a dish to pass. We couldn't decide what we should take, so we decided on sliced watermelon and cantalope. That can be eaten as either a salad or dessert plus it's easy to prepare. It's always kinda fun to watch people pick out a melon at the store. They tap 'em and then carefully listen. For what? Every melon I've ever thumped sounded the same. Kinda hollow sound. Seedless watermelons are wonderful.
When I was a little girl, my parents told me that pregnant women had big tummies because they swallowed a watermelon seed and a watermelon was growing inside them. This little girl believed everything and anything she was told, so it was with full dread and fear that I ate watermelon. I'd pick and spit and spit and pick before swallowing a chunk. There was one lady who mothered a large family of children, and when she'd walk to the altar for communion on Sunday morning (with a large tummy), I thought to myself, why isn't she more careful when she eats watermelon or why would she eat watermelon at all! Now that my brain has developed, I defy my childhood warnings and purposely chew up the seeds and swallow them. Go figure.