Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Sweet Surprise

In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned that I wanted to find a little red coaster wagon in which to plant pansies. My idea is that I could pull it in different places in the yard, depending on my mood. Well, this morning my hubby was buzzing back and forth with the JD mower. He got off of it, motioned for me to come to the front porch, and he was pointing his finger to the side of the deck. There sat a little old coaster wagon with its handle up. My first response was to squeeze him, but then he explained that he didn't put it there. He confessed to noticing the wagon one day beside a house nearby, asked the owner if he wanted to sell it, explained how I wanted one to plant flowers in, and the guy insisted he would sneak it over here one day to surprise me, and wanted absolutely no payment. So, me is like the first little kid to get the coaster wagon.....happy happy happy!

Am not sure if I want to paint the wagon red or let it be its own, worn-out self. My tendency is to leave it as is. The rust shows its years of wear and tear. One can't help but imagine all the kiddies who were pulled around in it. Yup, it's gonna stay rusty. To paint it would be like dyeing my hair dark brown, and at this point in my life----that ain't me! Now my next move is to go buy pansies. Pansies are supposed to represent friendship.

Wonder just how many 60+ ladies are exuberant over an old coaster wagon right now!!!!! I'd be safe to bet not many are. A big hug goes to the young man who gifted me with it. There are some really nice guys out there with great big hearts. Isn't that cool?