Thursday, May 20, 2010

National Police Recognition

It's during the month of May, that our country pays special tribute to peace officers. My sincere respect and appreciation go to all law enforcement for their continual efforts to keep us safe and for responding to our calls when we need help. How well I remember the morning I was on my way to work and a deer jumped out of the ditch onto the hood of my car, slid up onto the windshield, and over the top. After pulling over to the side of the road, my first reaction was to reach for my cell phone and call 911. Within a minute or two a highway patrolman was there to see, first of all, if I was okay, and then he advised me what to do. Whether it be a serious car accident that may involve deaths or severely injured people, or whether it is a criminal or abusive situation, the men and women in uniform are there to do what is necessary to see that everyone is taken care of. I'm going to say a special prayer tonight that they, too, will be kept out of harm's way.