Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pink Papaya Party

Tonight I'm going to a Pink Papaya Party as a friend of an invitee. At first I had no idea what a Pink Papaya Party was, so I checked it out online. The products for sale on the website can evidently "enhance outer beauty, promote inner peace, give new confidence, and will relax, renew, and recharge." Sounds like a miracle product, if you ask me. I had to laugh when my husband reminded me this morning that tonight is my Pink Panther Party.

When I was a little girl, I remember going to Stanley Parties with my Mom. The lady putting on the party would pass around a tray with small kitchen gadgets, and each one of us could choose one. For a little girl, that was a pretty cool deal. Then came the Tupperware parties, and each of us new brides were putting on a party and pretty soon tupperware containers were filling and falling out of our cupboards. Now every garage sale has a table that looks like a tupperware graveyard. The funny thing, though, is all of it is still in good shape. Home furnishing parties were a rage for awhile, and now I see the mass-produced-framed pictures at garage sales and good will stores for a mere fraction of their original costs. Pampered Chef parties were a lot of fun, too, especially when they prepared food. Their products are pretty snazzy. My favorite gadget from those parties is the apple slicer that can slice an apple in pieces in one whack. Can't believe it's still sharp, cuz it's had alot of use.

In a few hours I'll know more about the party. Probably should wear something pink tonight, but I'm just not a pastel gal!