Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pampered Footies

Texting while driving seems to be a front-page issue at present, but I'm here to say that yesterday on my way to the PP party it became acutely clear to me that there is another problem we've got to deal with. Okay, picture this. Me going down the highway listening to channel 105 on Sirius (Family Comedy), both hands on the steering wheel, traffic fairly normal, and here I am laughing so hard I can feel my mascara making its own road down my face! Was my mind totally on my driving???

Gotta report on the PP party. It was way cool. Home parties are in their own universe, of course. We have little time to decide which product we can't live without. This summer my feet will be happy, as they will be pampered with a fig-leaf aromatic creme. For those of us who prefer walking barefoot, our footies take a pretty good beating. They deserve to be recognized for their loyalty and hard work.

In a few minutes I'm going to put supper together, and I can hear my dear mother telling me to 'never try a new recipe on company.' Doesn't crockpot lasagna sound fun? Found the recipe online. Tonight's guests are fun people, and if my crockpot recipe should happen to turn out to be a 'crackpot,' they will tease me till the day I die, and they won't think a thing about it. Looks like it will be a perfect day to picnic out on our screened-in porch, or patio as we call it.

Our morning coffee is delish. My hubby is reading the morning paper. He is an avid reader of local and world news. He keeps me up to speed, and that's a good thing. The funnies, the crossword puzzle, and jumble are what makes the daily paper worthwhile for me. Plus, I'm a headline reader. If the headline doesn't interest me, the article doesn't get read. My great-aunt was as poor as a church mouse, but my memory of her is that she knew more about her world than most Americans. I admired her for that, and it's good to be on top of things. When two people have different interests, that's a good base for depending on one another.

Better get to the kitchen. The crockpot awaits.