Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Jewelry

My latest project is organizing my jewelry.  Hubby thinks it's the gypsy in me that gravitates to the bangles and baubles and brooches that decorate the arms, the fingers, the ankles, and the neck.

Those of Norwegian ancestry will recognize the rosemaling (decorative painting) on this wooden pin.  It came into my possession as highest bidder on a jewelry box of miscellaneous pieces.  The intrigue lies in the dates 1931 and 1986.  I'm guessing a classmate was a rosemaler, and she painted a decorative pin for each of her school-day girlfriends to wear at their 55th class reunion.

Last week one day I was looking through a desk drawer and found rings and bracelets that had fallen out of my memory.  Man, you talk about a surprise shopping spree...and motivation to go through more drawers!

My mission is to end up with spaces for my rings, wrist and ankle bracelets, necklaces, and brooches so I can find and wear them.  I can't wait to uncover the family mementos...the ones that still hold the touch and the presence of the ladies who once wore them.  The sentimental sally in me envisions Gramma's arthritic hands struggling to close the necklace clasp and how snazzy my Auntie looked when she wore the lavender rhinestone brooch.

The sad part of our jewelry is that its sentiment dies with us.  Chances are our most-cherished piece will end being sold to a bidder who won't care whose arm it graced or neckline it adorned.  The gold band that once pledged a forever love will revert to being just a ring.

There's going to be substance to this jewelry project.  I'm taking serious responsibility to hold each heirloom piece in my hands and celebrate the spirit of she who owned it before me.  We have to remember that pre-owned jewelry holds within it a sweet story and a sentiment...just like this rosemaled pin.