Friday, October 26, 2012

Three Suns

A sacred beckoning.
Where my cares and fears fade.
Soul sighs its relief.  Placid. Unpretentious.
Tall pines trees fill my lungs with pristine air.
Inhale slowly and deeply.
  Hold my breath.
  Exhale slowly.  Softly.
Spiritually sustaining.
Vast wilderness.  Marshes. 
Forest-edged waters where the elusive Bull Moose might be.
My eyes on the lookout for the Great Antlered One.
The saga to see Him goes on.
A quest I will one year fulfill.   
My Creator comes to meet me in the North Country.
The path beneath my feet,
 Floating clouds above my head,
 A forest shawl around me.
Three suns to bless my day.

~by Nature Weaver