Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trout Fishing

The area within 100 miles of where we live is blessed with fertile trout streams, and hubby is drawn to the challenge of trout fishing. Yesterday the trout were playing hard to catch, but that only cranked up the challenge.  We parked close to the stream, so hubby could walk back to the vehicle and try different jigs and spinners.  He caught his limit of five, each with a different bait.

We were on our way home from a visit to a Cabela's Store, where we each bought a new hooded sweatshirt for autumn's upcoming cool nights.  Most of our sweatshirts are well-worn to the point of having frayed cuffs.  Old sweatshirts are like old shoes....the older they are, the better they feel.

While hubby fished for trout, I reclined the passenger seat, put a pillow over my eyes, and fell asleep.  Through the open windows, an afternoon stream-side breeze fanned me with cool air, which was a welcome reprieve from the past weeks of stifling heat.

The wild daisies are so pretty now.  Small patches of them here, there, and everywhere the birds have been.  The sweet solace of a new season is peeking at us, and we can't wait for autumn, when the fall fairies dance on daisies and whisper to us in the cool breezes.