Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Shopping with a girlfriend is not something I do often.  Actually, I'm a non-shopper, but yesterday's trolley was far from the ordinary for a gal my age.

She treated me to a drive in her convertible.  We kicked back, cranked up the radio to the beat of rock-and-roll, let our hair fly, and cruised to a city 75 miles away.  My heart had so much fun, mainly because I felt carefree.  We made a pact before we left.....no hurry, no worry.

The weather was absolutely convertible perfect.  Sunny, high 70s, with puffy white marshmallow clouds above us.  I leaned my head back on the head rest and looked up into the sky.  We were wrapped in pretty day.

Where to eat lunch was the biggest decision of our joyride.  We parked the convertible under a shade tree in the Red Lobster parking lot and went inside for a taste of the sea.

We had certain things to shop for, and the two of us rambled the racks looking for what we needed.  After applying our store coupons and taking advantage of the so-called sales, we felt we had flaunted our frugal financial wisdom.  Our last stop was the liquor store.

On these special days, I usually buy something to remember them by.  When I spotted this beaded bracelet and put it around my wrist, I knew right off the bat it was about to become my convertible-ride memory.

Our 1-day outing was more invigorating than if we'd gone away for a week.  Knowing time was limited, we crammed all the fun we could inside the hours.  The snazzy convertible returned us safely to our starting point, and now it's the business of remembering.  Spits and spurts of silliness, deciding which entrees to order at Red Lobster, and our little-girl giggles as we tried on shoes......won't be forgotten.  I was back home with hubby and the fuzzy one by 7 o'clock.  After setting my two shopping bags on the couch and changing into my jammies, I realized how I cherish my old friends.  She and I go back to the early 1970s when we worked together.  To think.....some 40 years later we're out there letting our hair blow in the wind and singing to the oldies.  Wowza, what a day!