Thursday, July 05, 2012

Please Send Us Rain

It's time we organize a rain dance.  The cornfields, lawns, gardens and flower beds are stressed and sobbing for water.  Our need for rain is serious.

Without any fooling, maybe we should check into the ways of the Native Americans and what they did to make the skies open.  I've read about their rain dances, spiritual rituals, appealing the gods to nourish the crops that sustained them.  Feathers and Turquoise were the two main symbols in their dances.  Feathers represented the wind.  Turquoise symbolized rain. The movements and steps to the rain dance were (and still are) done in zigzagging steps and movements.

Native Americans honored Mother Earth and incorporated Her elements as symbols on their clothing, their weavings, and jewelry-making.  Each symbol stood for something and had a special meaning......

Bear - power, protection and courage.  The bear is a ferocious animal whose mere presence brings fear to its enemy.
Wolf - cunning, intelligent.  Its intellectual ability is extremely high.    
Eagle - keen eyesight.  The 'master of the sky' has a sharp eyesight that can see its prey from a far distance, five times more powerful and sharper than a human can see.
Buffalo - generosity.  Native Americans revered the buffalo because it gave them food and clothing.
Arrow - protection.  The arrow protected them from wild animals and other tribal enemies.
Rain Cloud - good prospects.  A rain cloud is a good sign that soon rain will fall, which means better crop production and prosperity to the people.
Cloud, Rain, and Lightning - symbolized love.  Native American love was not only between man and woman.  They had immense respect and love for nature (the clouds, trees, and mountains).  Clouds, rain, and lightning ensured better crops, and they believed they received these gifts because of their love of nature.
Turtle - healthy long lifespan.  Turtles can survive for up to 150 years, and their tough shells signify protection  from harsh weather.
Sun - growth.  The light and heat from the sun helps sustain life on earth.  The rays of the sun represent the main directions, North, East, South, and West.   Native Americans had the highest regard for the sun.
Dancer - festivity and celebration.  Dancing symbolized a joyous event.
Deer Marks - shelter and safety.  Deer hunting was a main source of livelihood.  Marks from a deer indicated the environment was prime for hunting and providing their basic needs.
Bearer of Happiness Unlimited
Dog - loyalty and protection.  The dog is the most faithful animal that remains loyal and protects its master in good times and bad.

In 1983, my mom and I took a 3-week trip to the west coast.  My favorite keepsake to come home with me was a silver ring made by the Hopi tribe in the design of the Thunderbird - the bearer of happiness unlimited.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have one heck of a time rounding up enough people here in the village to put together a true blue rain dance.  But, I'm not afraid to go solo, stick a feather in my hair, put a turquoise ring on my hand, and start zigzagging around the house yard.  Wouldn't it be a hoot if, while I'm doing the dance, the sky would cloud over and a soaking rain would bless us?  Maybe CNN would call to interview me, I'd get to be on the Today Show, 60 Minutes would have to get in on it, blah, blah, blah.


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