Friday, July 13, 2012

Detours and Angels

Road-closed and Detour signs are frustrating, especially when time is of the essence.  Just the other day we were trolleying to a dental appointment when both of those signs appeared in front of us.  Our only choice was to follow the arrows until we could squirm our way around the road construction and get ourselves back on track.

As a couple, we've been driving around now for close to 50 years, and hubby has a doctorate in Exploration.  He's got a knack for finding the most charming places in the most out-of-the-way places, and detours hold high potential for such discoveries.

It was on the detour that we caught a glimpse of this small church.  Instinct had me reaching for the Nikon that we keep on the console between us.  The blue sky testifies to the day's grace, and the flag's stillness mirrors the serenity surrounding the sacred sight.  A voice whispered for me to get out of the car and genuflect.

In my March 18, 2012, blog I shared another church sighting.  That day we were parked by the side of the road admiring an old stone church when a man wearing a cap stopped his pickup beside us and offered to explain the church's history.  How perfect the timing.

Well, the same thing happened when we were stopped at this little church.  A well-seasoned man wearing a hat and driving a pickup pulled up beside us, rolled down his window, and shared the church's history.  How perfect the timing.

Call me crazy, but could these two guys have been angels that appear out of nowhere, fulfill a need, and then "poof" disappear like magic?  Our vehicle stops countless times on our trolleys to take photos, but it's only been when we're by a church that a man wearing a hat and driving a pickup has stopped to enlighten us.

Regardless, the gentleman explained that this miniature church is a replica of the original, built out of its salvaged bricks and materials. Its pulse continues to beat all these 116 years later.

Across the road a modern-day church welcomes everyone to a 9 a.m. Sunday service.  We talk about returning to attend a Sunday service there.  It would be the absolute perfect place to express our gratitude for the sweet and simple miracles that keep unfolding for us, every day.

"The unlikeliest people harbor halos beneath their hats."