Monday, June 04, 2012

June is National Rose Month

Whether it's their fragrance, or their exquisite velvety feel, we remember roses.  Aren't they the Rolls Royce of American flowers?

Mom had the Seven Sisters Roses, clumps of pink blossoms, that grew in my childhood front yard.  Back in those days, it was a big deal when the rose bush blossomed.  I'd go pick small bouquets, bring them in the house, and put them in our saved jelly jars.

We're not a family that buys store-bought flowers very often.  We tend to prefer those that grow in the wild, and if we're walking along a stream or other secluded spot, a few stems might come home with us and stay until they wilt away.

My thumbs are not green.  I love flowers to death, but I have not the patience to produce eye stoppers.  The only plant in my house is a dear soul that thrives on my negligence.

The best way for me to celebrate Rose Month is to share the rose garden that is a 'must see' for us every year.  Obviously, it is a Master Green Thumb who nurtures this bed of beauties.

Splendor in the Garden

Roses Bring Smiles in Spring

The rose, with its thorns, teaches a life lesson.....

a thing of beauty may have some hurt attached to it.