Sunday, June 03, 2012

Garden Art

Rabbits Not Allowed
This is our garden.  Framed with asphalt house shingles for ease of mowing, and a fence to keep the bunnies from munching.  Pretty as a picture!

The sprawling squash are planted by the back ledge, and the tomatoes and climbing green beans are back by the patio.  Hubby is the gardener, and he likes things neat and tidy.  He weeds, and he waters.  He unwinds the garden hose and winds it back up.

BLTs are a summer treat at our house.  Sometimes we buy the maple-flavored bacon, and that makes 'em even better. Whole wheat toast,  thick juicy slices of tomato, layers of lettuce leaves, and a few slaps of mayo.  I make mine into BLTOs by adding a slice of onion.  Like Andy Griffin used to say, "Them's good eats."

So many varieties of tomatoes these days.  I don't think there were so many to choose from when we were kids, cuz I remember only one kind of tomato.  They were big, round, and real red.  They tasted like a tomato....I mean, real juicy drippy meaty tomato.  With salt and pepper shakers handy, we ate 'em like apples.

Come harvest season, our small town busts at the seams with fresh garden produce.  Zucchini squash grow to the size of submarines, and the non-gardener is sure to inherit more than they want.  Last week a neighbor brought us samples of their early onions and radishes.  Yowza, yummy yum yum.  The red radishes snapped when we bit into them, and I even chowed down the green stems of the onions.  Where I live, it's common for one neighbor to tell another, "just help yourself to my garden if I'm not home."  It's that business of love thy neighbor.

"Gardening is the art
that uses
flowers and plants as paint,
and the canvas."
~Elizabeth Murray