Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Too, Shall Pass Away

When sorrows come into your life
And threaten to destroy
The very things you treasure most,
Your happiness and joy;
And when that crushing power
Threatens everything worth while,
And clouds of darkness gather
And you find it hard to smile;
Then lift your head and let the world
Hear every word you say.
With faith undaunted say to them:
"This too, shall pass away."

When you are over-burdened
With life's toil and earthly care;
When life becomes so dreary
It seems more than you can bear;
When weariness overcomes you
And you yearn for peaceful rest,
And trials of the day leave you
Discouraged and depressed;
There is no song within your heart;
You feel you cannot pray;
Then turn your thoughts to gladness for
"This too, shall pass away."

When fortune smiles upon you,
And your cup of joy is full;
When everything you want is yours,
And life seems wonderful;
When days and weeks go flitting by
With happiness replete;
And you desire nothing more
To make your life complete;
Beware lest all these treasures
Of this earth lead you astray,
And hear again these truthful words:
"This too, shall pass away."

And so remember well these words,
Whatever your lot may be,
For life is ever changing...
With such rapidity.
Our gladness turns to sadness
When the sunshine disappears,
And sorrows change to happiness
When God has calmed our fears.
Compared with all eternity,
This life is but one day.
We cling to life, and yet we know
"This too, shall pass away."
           ~H.L. Frisby