Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Dream

William Dement said, "Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives."

Last night's dream was a doozy and is still ablaze this morning.  My dream took me on a tour overseas, but I don't know where.....

  • Why wouldn't my clothes fit in the suitcase?  I folded, re-folded, and then finally wrapped a belt around it so it wouldn't pop open and all my clothes fall out.  I was completely frazzled before getting myself to the airport. 
  • Our tour group was going out for dinner one night, and I didn't bring my black dress pants.  Why didn't I bring them?    
  • When our tour was over and time to head home, I struggled to fit my clothes back into three suitcases.  Piles of clothes stared at me from the hotel bed, and I couldn't figure out where they all came from.   
  • One of my traveling companions spotted our blue plastic turkey baster in my suitcase...the kind you squeeze to suck up juices and then drizzle over the turkey.  I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look at her.  What on earth could have possessed me to bring that dumb thing along?
  • My co-travelers packed their stuff with ease and left me alone in the hotel room to finish packing.  They didn't want to miss the plane back home.
  • Two pieces of my underwear absolutely would not fit in the big suitcase, so I tied them together and onto the handle of my suitcase.
  • The male pilot and female flight attendant came to the hotel room to tell me to hurry so I wouldn't miss the plane like I did when we were in France.
  • Once they got me on the plane, I realized I left in such a rush that my best grey vest and eyeglasses were left on the hotel bed.  I could feel the plane starting to move.
  • The co-pilot let me sit on his lap for the flight back home.
There you have it.  A glimpse into my silent insanity.  No way am I going to attempt to interpret it, cuz I don't want to know the implications.  I'll simply let the dream turn into stardust, and then I'll suck it up with my turkey baster!