Monday, April 30, 2012

Haiku Poem

Last day of April, and I've been remiss in acknowledging National Poetry Month.  

The Haiku Japanese poem (5-7-5 syllable) is probably my favorite to write.  I don't adhere to academia's rules of poetry, simply because I write for fun.  If it comes from my heart and my head, then it's mine and the way it's gonna be. In all honesty, I'm finding naughtiness to be more fun than niceness in more venues of life. Why dance the two-step when the one-step will do.  I'm either becoming that crotchety old lady or reverting back to my childhood bratty-ness.

My Poem  

Walking down the steps
The sound of coffee perking.
Favorite cup waits.

Thoughts of what to write
An idea flashes through.
Grab it quick I must.

Raindrops fall and drip
A clap of thunder strikes close.
Home and soul make love.

Doors are locked up tight
Life's miseries keeping out.
Rain, rain, rain all day.

One sentence written
A paragraph, then two more.
Fingers race and chase.

Type, delete, edit.
Emphasize and underscore.
Add a picture, too.

Blogging is my joy
Writer I wanted to be.
Thank you, World Wide Web.