Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tooth Implant

Today at 2 o'clock the dental assistant will place a nasal hood over my nose so I can breathe in nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, before the dentist yanks out one of my lower front teeth.

For a month now, I've been having pain and throbbing in a tooth that has already gone through two oral surgeries. The symptoms worsened by the day, so I folded and called to see my dentist.  One x-ray was all it took to reveal the infected tooth. I had three choices:  try to save the tooth (chances slim) or have the tooth pulled and then opt for a bridge or a tooth implant.  I opted for the implant simply because it will be a permanent fix.

Having a front tooth pulled is a slam, that's for sure.  The first thing that came to my mind was a corncob pipe.  (giggle)  My dentist kindly assured me that he'll not let me walk out of his office with a gaping hole in my smile.  He'll somehow grind off the bottom of my pulled tooth and temporarily affix it in place so it looks like it did before it was pulled.  The implant process will take a few months to get accomplished.  My jaw bone will have to heal before they go at it again with a jack hammer.  I'll endure anything so long as they sufficiently sedate me.

I'd best not complain.  If I'd be living in ancient times, they'd be replacing my tooth with an animal tooth and binding it in place with cord of some kind.  I'd also be chewing on twigs and roots to clean my teeth instead of reaching in the medicine cabinet for my tooth brush and paste.

A person just can't feel too sorry for oneself, considering how good we've got it.  So, this afternoon at 2, I'm going to lay back in the comfy dentist chair, breathe in the nitrous oxide, and allow myself the gentle buzz that takes me away from reality for awhile.  Yup, it's gonna be okay.