Thursday, March 01, 2012

Crossword Clue

I am not able to patiently wait in the car, or anywhere else for that matter, without keeping my mind busy.  We keep a book of crossword puzzles tucked in the pouch back of the driver's seat for the times hubby feels like roaming the monotonous aisles at Menard's or making a few casts at a trout stream.

The crossword clue was "make a lap" for a 3-letter word.


That wasn't going to work because the last letter was a t.  What in the world...a 3-letter word ending in t, that means to make a lap.

Once again our English language tripped me up on such an elementary clue.  The correct answer was "sit."  We make a lap when we sit.

One sentence =  two thoughts.

"I am going to make a lap."

Should I run?

or should I sit?

Silly, isn't it?