Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Plus a Snow Day

According to global statistics, about 4.1 million leaplings, or leapers, are born worldwide on February 29.  What a bummer.  These little frogs will have 75% fewer birthdays than the rest of us.

Leap year gives us an extra day to get our income taxes done before April 15th, but doesn't affect the Lenten season.  Leap year is a clever way for us to remember the year of our U.S. Presidential elections.

My part of the world is getting snow as I type this.  For those of us who are free to stay indoors and not have to contend with the elements, this is probably the perfect day.  First, it's a free extra day on the calendar, plus it's what we in the Midwest know as a snow day.  Snow days are days to do whatever the heck we want days.  All rules of guilt are tossed to the wayside.

My first notion is to go in the kitchen and bake a batch of cupcakes.  The problem is we'd eat 'em, and that's probably the worst thing for our health numbers.  There's just something about putting pans of cupcakes in the oven, taking them out, putting them on a rack to cool, and nibbling while they're still warm.  Soft, warm and chocolatey.   I found this cute idea for decorating a cupcake like a frog for leap day, but I'm going to exercise my willpower and axe the thought.

We took fish out of the freezer for supper.  There, too, we have to make the choice of rolling them in flour and frying them to crispy delights, or giving them a squirt of lemon and baking them into flaky fish, far less delightful than the fried.  Why is the good stuff the bad stuff.

The wind is picking up now, which adds another safety factor to a snow fall affecting visibility for the drivers.  Winter has slipped by so quickly with so little snow thus far, it's hard to fathom tomorrow is already the first of March.  Last year at this time hubby had spotted the first robin.  We know this because he jotted it down on the 2011 calendar.

Ta-ta for today.