Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Somethings

There are days I don't feel motivated to do a darned thing.  On those  days, no matter what I tell myself, I still keep hearing that frickin' little voice, "Be guilty, girl.  You should be doing something.  Everybody else is.....doing something."

Or, are they?

Maybe it's time to ask myself four major questions and answer them with my heart....not my head.

Question 1:  Am I pleased with what I have accomplished up to now?

Question 2:  What do I want out of life for the remainder of my years?

Question 3:  Have I done more than my share for myself and others?

Question 4:  How comfortable am I just the way I am?

What have I already done?  What struggles did I battle my way through to have survived to this point?  Is it any wonder that I grow weary and tired of pushing myself to do stuff I no longer care to do?  

Imagine how many spiral notebooks we baby boomers could fill if we wrote down every single one of our life accomplishments (including the personal ones that no one else knows about).  Maybe we'd all feel better about ourselves if we kept a "ta da" list instead of a never-ending "to do" list.

Wild Rose
I've been known to tell that annoying little voice inside my head to shut the hell up.  If I am busy doing something productive all the time, I will surely overlook the details.  And, I don't want to do that.  Our Creator put the pink wild rose beside the road and the nest of blue robin eggs here for a reason.  He wants us to take notice, take joy and hope from them, and in our later years quietly sit back and sigh, "Ahhhhhhhhh, this is such a beautiful world.  Thank you for showing me the sweet somethings that you scattered here and there for me to find."