Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Fall, Supper, and Sky Show

Man alive, did I ever take a nasty fall yesterday.

We were coming out of an apartment building when my right tennis shoe hit a patch of ice and slid out from under me.  I felt myself fall in slow motion.  My butt took the hardest hit when it slammed against the cement.  At first I didn't think I could get back on my feet, but hubby helped me up and to the car.  It was disappointing that two young boys were sitting in a pickup next to the sidewalk where I fell and could have cared less about me.  They just sat there and stared.  Today I feel like my butt should be in a sling, my left shoulder hurts when I move my arm, and other parts of me are unhappy when I move or sit.  Three gel cap Advil every four hours should ease the ouchies and let me go on with life.

After concluding that no part of me was broken, hubby figured I deserved supper out.  What better than a Friday night fish fry with salad bar.  Gotta confess, though, that a tall vodka, tonic, with lime was the first thing I ordered to stop me from shaking.

It was dark when we headed home....simply perfect timing to watch as the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter were lining up in the western sky.  The three of them took center stage and will do so again tonight.  This brilliant sky show will be visible from around the world at twilight, you don't need a telescope, there will be no admission charge and everyone on Earth is invited.