Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My Family in the Czech Republic

Why is it that all of a sudden I have this urgent need to know more about my daddy's ancestral background back in the old country.  All I was ever told was that my great-grandfather worked in the stone quarries south of Prague in Bohemia (now Czech Republic) before he came to the United States in the mid-1850s.  The answers to my many curiosities are out there somewhere, most likely held by my unknown distant cousins living in the Czech Republic.

Last evening's supper at our house was labeled Don't Throw Me Away Casserole.  I rooted through the fridge, found hamburger and chicken leftovers, two egg rolls, a few stalks of wilted celery, and groggy green onions. Got out the trusty electric skillet, a few shakes of olive oil, chopped and sauteed.  Then I took a couple bags of Boil in Bag rice and nuked them in a bowl of water while the fry pan was doing its thing. (I believe now days they call that multi-tasking.)  We had frozen zucchini from our garden this last summer, so I threw in a bag of that for sweet flavor, and within a half hour I had this place smelling like Wing Wong's Wok.  My culinary talents exploded even beyond that.......I preheated the oven, cracked a tube of crescent rolls against the edge of the counter top, rolled the triangle wedges into crescents and baked 'em till they were golden brown.  Whew!

The sky is clouded over this morning with an occasional snowflake.  Our agenda is clear, so this just may be a good day to cozy in with a good book......until one of us gets the itch to go somewhere.

I'm pleased to share that my pretty crimson Christmas poinsettia is still gracing the front window of our living room. I give it a swig of water every day, and that seems to keep it happy.  One day I accidentally knocked off one of its leaves, and white sappy stuff dripped on the floor.  Kinda gave me the willies.  Plants don't have white blood, do they?

Last night's moon
as it looked
through our
kitchen window