Wednesday, February 01, 2012

45's and Record Players

Sixty-three years ago today, RCA Records put out the first 45 rpm (revolutions per minute) single song vinyl record.  The record player followed, and a whole new world of music opened up.

Music is, for all of us, an integral part of life.  We baby boomers well remember the sock hops, where we danced in our socks so we wouldn't scuff up the school gymnasium floors.  The slow songs brought the shy boys out on the floor.  All they had to do was put their arms around us girls and sway from side to side.  Some boys barely even swayed, which was okay, too.  The fast rock-and-roll songs brought us fast and furious dancers to the floor, where we twisted and twirled to perfectly synchronized steps.  I had one favorite fast-dance partner all during high school.  Even now when we see each other, he and I reminisce about all the fun we had.  Solid proof that music and dance tie souls together.

Most of us teenagers owned our own record player...a box-like piece of affordable technology with a turn table and a needle arm that played the single-song record.  We kept our 45s in paper sleeves to protect them from getting scratched.  Records didn't grow on trees, so when we were lucky enough to get a new one, we took darned good care of it.  When we'd get together for sleep-overs or birthday parties, we'd tell each other to "be sure to bring your records along."

Both hubby and I still have our first record players tucked away in our basement here. All these years later, and neither one of us are willing to part with that one very special possession that brought music and dance to our teenage hearts.