Monday, January 09, 2012

Eye Care

Doesn't seem like winter where I live.  Very little snow has fallen, and ice fishermen are taking risks.  Yesterday we drove around the lake, and three little kids were running and sliding on the ice within feet of obvious open water.  The two men were intent on watching their poles, not the kids.

Today I'm off to the eye doctor to get my brownies examined.  This will be the first appointment with the new lady doctor.  I'm always a bit apprehensive handing over my body to professionals I've never met before.  This gal came highly recommended by my retiring doctor.  He assured me he was handing over his lifetime practice to someone who has earned high honors and superior recommendations.  Those were heavy words coming from he who himself earned my sincere trust and respect over the last thirty-some years.

A cataract in my right eye has been successfully removed, and another is sprouting in my left.  My right eye has a condition that's being monitored, and that's my main concern today.  At my age, one has to stay on top of problems that can be fixed with surgery.  Otherwise, we start going down the tube. Gotta say, the eye doctor is the least dreaded doctor to see, cuz I can keep my clothes on and the only real discomforts are enlarged pupils and bright lights.    

Eyeglass frames are ridiculously expensive.  Silly-Nilly me likes the trendy ones, and they come at the premium prices.  When I think about it, though, that is the only fashion fetish that I have!

See you tomorrow.