Thursday, December 08, 2011

Symbol 5 - Silver Cup

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Joseph's half brothers betrayed and sold him into slavery.  Seventeen years later he meets his brothers, but they don't recognize him.  Joseph devises a plan to test his brothers to see if they are still capable of betraying one another.

Benjamin, youngest of the twelve, was Joseph's only full brother.  Joseph asked his servant to hide a silver cup in Benjamin's grain sack.  He then sent his servants to "find" the cup and arrest Benjamin.  Joseph wanted to see if his brothers would stand by Benjamin or betray him, too.  That was a way for him to find out if his brothers had changed their morals since they betrayed and sold him into slavery.

Joseph finds that his brothers had changed their ways and stood beside Benjamin, so he felt free to reveal himself to them and make amends.

The lesson in this Old Testament story is that we cannot judge what people are now, by what they have formerly been.  Nor can we judge what they will do, by what they have done.

My Jesse Tree symbol for today is a......

Silver Cup
Genesis 44