Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Symbol 4 - Ladder

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Genesis 28 tells how Jacob, grandson of Abraham and son of Isaac, is running away from his twin brother, Esau, who has vowed to kill him because he has stolen Esau's birthright.  Jacob cheated his brother and lied to his father.   He is all alone, homeless, without money, on the hillside outside the city of Luz.  It's getting dark, so he stops and finds a stone for a pillow.  One can only imagine the troubling thoughts going through his mind.  Eventually he falls asleep and has one of the most famous dreams in all of history.  He dreams that a ladder stands next to him, reaches up to heaven with angels ascending and descending the ladder.  God stands at the top of the ladder and talks to Jacob for the first time. 

The story of Jacob and the Ladder reassures us that there is an open line between heaven and earth.  God is with us and watches over us wherever we go. 

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Genesis 28:11-16