Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Jesse Tree

From now until Christmas Day, I will decorate a Jesse Tree through my blog.  

A Jesse Tree is Jesus' family tree.  Jesse was a key ancestor of Jesus.  Making a Jesse Tree is a fun way for children to learn about Jesus' ancestors and what life was like for them.  The tree can be an ordinary tree branch put in a container of sand, decorated one ornament a day with symbols representing Old Testament stories.  The symbols can be drawn or cut out of magazines, or any other idea you come up with.

Symbol 1 - The Harp

1 Samuel 16:23
A young shepherd boy named David, Son of Jesse, was chosen to play his harp for the King, who was terribly tormented with depression, fear, and unhappiness.  The soothing music from David's harp was the only thing that could ease the King's misery and make him feel better.

It's easy to visualize the young boy spending his days in the hills guarding his father's sheep from prowling beasts.  David loved music and filled his long hours patiently learning to play the harp that he carried with him.  His patient perseverance paid off as his fingers grew wonderfully skillful on the harp.  After awhile he began making up songs to go along with his music.  One of the most beautiful of his songs is, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."