Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prayer -- A Talk With Mother Nature

"Well, you see when we smile and thank, we offer thanksgiving, is not it?" he says.

"Hey, I feel as if I am always talking with Mother Nature because I always smile and thank.  Is it not wonderful?  Does this kind of self-talk or imagination help us?" I ask.

"Yaw, you know my granny says that the proper imaginations and our prayers help us to interact with Mother Nature in mind, is not it?" he says.

"Does this communication help?"  I ask.

"It always helps.  You know, in our imaginations, we communicate with our body, mind, heart, soul, and Mother Nature and receive answers for whatever we want to know.  Is not it?" he says.

"How can we know by prayers?"  I ask.

"You know, the prayers help us to live in the present.  When we learn it, we think, feel and imagine properly.  This helps us to search the right answer.  Is not it?" he says.

"I cannot understand it, how can prayers help?" I ask.

"You see, when we search water to drink, we get it.  Similarly, when we want to get an answer or solve a problem, it is a work of our mind, is not it?" he replies.

"I do not understand, when our mind works, how can the prayers help?" I ask.

"You are asking a funny question.  When we pray, our mind comes into present.  You know, granny says that when our mind comes into the present, it works with great concentration and more effectively, so we get the answer and the art of problem solving, is not it?" he says.

"Yaw, it is true, now I understand that the prayer gives the magic touch to our mind and brings it back into the present to help us properly.  It is a great thing, is not it?" I say.

"I feel the same.  You know we usually hear from elders to live in the present and think about today, this is our daily need.  Is not it a wonderful help to our mind and body to work in a better way?" he says. 

"Yaw, we have many daily needs like we eat, sleep, and learn.  The prayers guide us to do everything on right time and at right place, is not it?" I say.

"You are right, my granny says that we should learn to always live in the present, though we can remember our past and think about the future.  Is not it?" he says.

"You see the prayers help a lot, as your granny says, is not it?" I say.

"I can give you a beautiful example of it which helps to keep us in the present," he says.

"What is it?" I ask.

"It is our smile, is not it," he says.

"We have smile, when we offer thanks, is not it?" I reply.

"No, not only this, we usually see the one who receives our thanks also smiles, is not it?" he says.

"Yes, it is so," I say.

"Thanks for your smile, you know granny says that the smile is also a magic touch for our body, mind, heart and the soul, is not it?" he says.

"Yaw, it is.  It is good imagination, we just forget everything, when we smile, is not it?" I say.

"Yaw, I always remember the smiling as a greeting card and never forget it.  Okay, see you tomorrow, thanks for the sharing.  Well, we should be leaving now, taking care that we smile before we speak," he says.

"Yaw, it is a nice thing that we enjoy sharing it, have Happy Peace Night!" I say.

"Thanks, have Happy Peace Night," he replied.