Monday, October 03, 2011

What Would We Do Without Towels?

  • The terry cloth bath towel dries and covers after we bathe.
  • The colorful beach towel wipes sand off of us and gives us something to lay on. 
  • The paper towel, the perforated one, is used once and thrown away.
  • The 'good towels' aren't used, but are strictly for bathroom decor.
  • The gym towel wipes sweat.
  • Dish towels dry dishes.
  • Tea towels dry expensive china tea sets.
  • Bar towels assist the bartender in keeping the bar clean.
  • Barbers use steamed towels before giving a shave.
  • Towel Animal
  • Cruise ship workers create towel animals and leave them on the guests' freshly-made bed.
  • Remember towel snapping as a kid?
  • Women wrap towel turbans around their wet heads.
  • A towel sling serves a sore arm.
  • The boxer's towel, thrown in the ring, admits his defeat.
  • Massage towels maintain modesty during  rub-downs.
  • FYI:  Hotel towels now have RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags in them.