Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Insurance, Insurance, and More Insurance

Life insurance, house/contents insurance, renter's insurance, auto insurance (car, pickup, RV, boat, motorcycle), dental insurance, flood insurance, pet insurance, identity theft insurance (who'd want to be me?), rest home insurance, disability insurance (movie stars insure body parts), cancer insurance, jewelry/art insurance and now......wedding insurance.

Weddings, these days, are spendy events, so it only stands to reason that insurance companies would want to get a piece of the pie. 

Possible scenarios where wedding insurance might be helpful....

Let's say that the weather (snow storm, high winds, heavy rains, or other natural disaster) makes it impossible for the bridal party and guests to attend.  The band, food, cake, flowers, and photographer have to be canceled.  This is where Event Cancellation Plus is worth having.

What if the bride or groom is suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness and forces the postponement of the wedding? 

What if construction of the reception hall isn't finished on time, and the wedding has to be rescheduled?

What if the photographer's camera bag is stolen during the reception?  Video coverage helps this situation.

What if a guest accidentally spills red wine on the bride's $10,000 dress?  Wedding attire coverage will take care of this. 

What if an airline lost the luggage containing wedding gifts and wedding attire?  or the wedding gifts are stolen from the trunk of a car? Wedding gifts coverage here.

What if the wedding guests get rowdy and damage the carpet at the reception?  or the wedding couple is held responsible for other damages?  Wedding liability not a bad idea. 

What if a wedding guest falls on a slippery floor and is injured? 

A person could conjure up every possible thing that could go wrong, so where will the need for insurance stop?  The only thing I can figure is to buy a bubble and live in it.

The next problem.....

Who sells bubbles? ..........and, are they insurable?