Friday, September 23, 2011

Chinese Cookie

We're up real early, cuz we're off for a special day trip.  It's what we're calling one of our pre-anniversary celebrations.  Some people fly away to islands and other charming destinations or throw big parties to celebrate, but we rather go explore new places.

One of hubby's relatives passed away, so yesterday we attended the wake.  This gentleman was at our home for a family reunion only a few weeks ago.  Cancer was the cunning culprit that stole him away from his family.  Cancer, the beast that wears and ravages a body, devours and steals it, and then leaves jars and jars of tear drops in its tracks. 

On our way home, we suppered at a Chinese buffet.  Hubby's auntie went with us to the wake, and she had never eaten at one.  I'm like a little kid when the fortune cookies are brought to the table.  Hubby's fortune was the coolest of the three....."No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

Gotta go.  I'm hearing the conductor calling.....aaaaaaaaaaalllllll aboard!