Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another State Park Adventure

Aren't the apple trees bountiful this year?  So many apples will go to waste, and that troubles me. When growing up on the farm, we had a small apple orchard behind the hog house. I remember picking apples off the ground when my arms couldn't reach up high enough to get them off the tree. Mom filled her apron with apples and carried them back to the house to make us an apple pie for supper. My Daddy liked desserts, so our meals ended with sweetness. One of Daddy's pet names for me was Sweetness.  It was no secret that I was the apple of his eye!

Yesterday we dawdled our way down this State Park road. All four of our eyes were on vigilant, but unsuccessful, black bear watch.  Hubby caught glimpse of a deer crossing the road through his rear-view mirror, but it scampered back in the forest by the time my head spun around. 

Most every one of the last 44 years we have visited the Cathedrals of the North Country.  They say the tall pines whisper, but I say they breathe.  Helen Keller's lack of eyesight may have been what heightened her connection with Mother Nature and urged her to say,"To me, a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."

Our drive turned into one of those 'end of the road' sandy trails.  The only reason we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle is for times exactly like this when we get ourselves into places and then don't know if we'll get back out.  Somehow I managed to get the car aerial in the photo, but it personalizes the moment and makes it our own. 

The sky's emotions are showing here, and the leaves have magically turned into a quilt of color  A poetic interpretation of splendor in the grass!

Hmmmm.....looks like our camera is one day off cuz these were taken yesterday, the 23rd, but show they were taken on the 22nd.  Better re-program the little bugger.

Speaking of the 23rd of September, Happy Anniversary to our dear Arkie friends (a day late).  We started dating at the same time in high school, we got married a week apart, and now the four of us can look back full circle.  Happiness always, you two.