Monday, August 22, 2011

Bejeweled Butterfly

This Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly landed as softly as a whisper on my Spirit Sister's host butterfly bush.  This nice nature moment was one I had to have, so I barefooted my way to the car for the camera.  Wouldn't you know it, by the time I returned to the outdoor patio, he was gone.  A minute didn't pass before he flitted back, I was camera-quick, and 'tah-dah' I captured his open wing span.  Isn't he precious?

Whenever I see a butterfly, I wonder if it isn't our answer to the big question of what happens to us when we die and leave our bodies behind.  Guess that's as good an answer as I've found so far.  I always wonder why that thought comes to me......and who's sending it!

On our drive home after dark last evening, we saw a deer standing along the road and an opossum scurrying across the highway.  What must it be like for creatures to run as fast as they can across a highway in the dark and see headlights coming closer and closer toward them.  Their little hearts must pound like jungle drums. 

My hubby left early this morning without me even knowing it, cuz there was a note on the kitchen island that read, "Good morning, girls!  Gone fishing."  Now that the weather has cooled down a bit, trout fishing has lifted itself higher on his to-do list.  He mentioned that he'd like to smoke a batch of trout one of these days. It usually doesn't take him long to bring home his limit of 5, so I expect to hear the back door open any second.

Before I go, I want to share this Butterfly Prayer ........

Bless me with the ability of a butterfly to endure the changes that will happen to me in my lifetime.  Help me to accept these changes with a positive and loving attitude.
Bless me with the beauty of a butterfly to allow me to reflect the colors of my soul, being and individuality, and to look for these things in others.
Bless me with the ability of a butterfly to create and instill the feeling of wonder, passion, and excitement toward all of your living creatures.
Bless me with the butterfly's ability to pollinate your flowers, so that I may cultivate your human garden with love and compassion.
Last, but not least, Lord,
Bless me with the grace of ascension, so that I may ascend into your glorious heaven like a rising butterfly, when my journey here on earth is complete.  Amen.
-Author M. Dilts