Saturday, July 09, 2011

We took a plate of dark fudge brownies to a pot-luck last evening. Pot-lucks are so much fun. When everyone brings something, a variety of goodies appear like magic. I love the snacky foods. Crackers and dips are probably my faves. A shrimp dip and a cheesy dip kicked my tastebuds into gear last night, and once I had a taste....well, I couldn't stop reaching for more.

One gal brought an unusual dish, a hot cabbage casserole. Everyone flipped over it. The lady who added it to the table said she'd be sharing the recipe, which included onions, cabbage, cream of celery soup, crackers, cheese, and mayonnaise. When I get the recipe, I'll post it here for other cabbage lovers.

Hopefully our garden will produce big heads of cabbage. This casserole will be a good way to use them. I usually fix cole-slaw when there's cabbage in the fridge. Lots of different cole-slaw recipes out there, but we prefer the vinegary ones rather than the creamy.

Now that we're retired, it's so satisfying for us to walk out to the garden and pick lettuce, onions, and peas for our noon salads. A garden wasn't part of our lifestyle when we both worked, plus our mothers were gracious in sharing their gardens with us. Actually, they had us pretty spoiled. Not only did they share, but they would prepare the food for us, call us on the phone at work, and tell us to be sure to stop by for something on our way home.

Pot-lucks are a perfect tribute to human generosity. We gather around to taste each other's food. I can't think of nicer way for people to socialize. Food seems to be the best mortar there is to keep us all connected.