Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The World Population

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the current number of living humans on Earth to be 6.92 billion.  The population of our world has had a continual growth rate since the year 1350, when the population was 300 million. 

Big number, 6.92 billion.  How are that many of us able to co-exist as well as we do when very often two people cannot peacefully co-exist under one roof?  Maybe it's because Our Maker made different models of people, just like Ford makes Cars, Crossovers, SUVs (sport utility vehicles), Trucks, Hybrids and EVs (electric vehicles), and Commercial Trucks.  Within each of those categories there are yet different models and colors.  Something to suit every one. 

Just imagine for a second if there was only one kind of a car in the world.  Same size, same style, same color, same everything.  Think of the chaos that would cause.  Well, let's imagine a world with only one kind of person.  Same size, same build, same color, same everything.  Each one of us is a special model, uniquely designed, just like vehicles.  When we want to find a life partner, we go out and look for the kind of person we want parked at the breakfast table every morning.

This is a list of personality types.  Which one best describes you?  Maybe you'll find that your character fits into more than one category, kinda like a crossover vehicle.  Try and see.

The Duty Fulfiller or Detective
Quiet, cautious, meticulous, responsible, strong and silent type.

The Guardian or Overseer
Friendly, realistic, analytical, organized, very driven and enthusiastic.

The Nurturer or Defender
Cautious, hard-working, thoughtful, careful, very dedicated to causes and relationships.

The Caregiver or Loyalist
Talkative, practical, caring, decisive, very harmonious.

The Mechanic or Artisan
Independent, practical, realistic, adaptable, very skillful with tools.

The Doer or Promoter
Sociable, practical, observant, adaptable, very unpredictable.

The Performer or Entertainer
Approachable, decisive, concerned, adaptable, very generous.

The Artist or Composer
Modest, easy-going, caring, flexible, very artistic.

The Executive or Director
Energetic, creative, strategic, decisive, very commandeering.

The Scientist or Wizard
Self-governing, imaginative, logical, organized, very independent.

The Visionary or Inventor
Energetic, expressive, decisive, easy-going, inventive.

The Thinker or Architect
Reserved, creative, intellectual, adaptable, logical.

The Giver or Teacher
Outgoing, creative, compassionate, decisive, very persuasive.

The Protector or Mentor
Reserved, creative, decisive, organized, very compassionate and caring of others.

The Inspirer or Motivator
Friendly, imaginative, understanding, flexible, very optimistic

The Idealist or Actor
Private, creative, caring, flexible, very non-directive.

These are generalizations and not all characteristics are going to be valid for any one of us, but it gives a bit of insight as to why the human community is able to function as well as we do.  Quite often we forget that every single one of us is a critical component of Nature's intricately sensitive chemistry.  Your talents and my talents don't match, but they sure do complement each other.  Just like a glass of fine wine complements fine dining.  And, the astonishing thing that I see in these sixteen personality types is the overlapping, the subtle meshing, one type into the other.  Isn't this the ultimate key to seeing ourselves reflected in the person (or creature) standing next to us?