Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Kaleidoscope

Who among us baby boomers didn't have a dime-store kaleidoscope when we were kids?  Man, I wish I still had mine, cuz it was the neatest thing I owned as a little to my dolly...and my red purse...and my black and yellow bike....and my pink plastic telephone...and...and... 

Now that I'm taller, I still secretly wish I could have one of those beautiful gold kaleidoscopes that costs a lot of money.  But, my sensible wiring keeps reminding me to look and not touch, admire and not buy.

If you want to have some fun, go to  This site allows you to paint a kaleidoscope and feel like an artist.  Just move your mouse across the screen and watch the colorful images appear.  Click the 'clear' button and you get a fresh screen. It's just the neatest thing!

Among my collection of quotations is this one by Henry Ward Beecher ...

"Our days are a kaleidoscope.
Every instant a change takes place in the contents.
New harmonies, new contrasts,
new combinations of every sort.
Nothing ever happens twice alike.
The most familiar people stand each moment
in some new relation to each other,
to their work, to surrounding objects.
The most tranquil house,
with the most serene inhabitants,
living upon the utmost regularity of system,
is yet exemplifying infinite diversities."