Friday, June 10, 2011


In the last AARP magazine appears an article entitled, "Listen for Free" in the Save a Buck column. Why is it that the word "free" ignites an explosion of neurons in the brain?  Anyway, it does in mine.  AARP's goal is to inform us seniors.....we sophisticated baby boomers who were not so long ago sucking our thumbs. AARP alerts us to the scams out there that try to take us for a ride and steal our money in the process.  It's a magazine I like to read, now that I'm in this golden, or pissy, stage of life.'s the scoop.  We have the opportunity to listen and to read books online for free from  This is a digital library with more than 4,000 classics and poetry.  The books can be accessed by computer, MP3 player, cellphone, or, burned to a CD. 

This is new to me, too, so I can't applaud this quite yet.  I did look into their catalog, brought up a book, and it popped right up on screen for me to

Another cool element of this is the opportunity we all have to volunteer to record our reading of a book for this digital library.  You'd have to go to LibriVox to read all about doing that. Sounds fascinating.

I'm to where I'm parting with my books.  Culling the herd.  The first time I tried sorting them to see which ones I could live without, my heart actually ached.  Books have hearts that beat.  How else could they inspire, teach, and inform as they do.

Our rain gauge shows 1/2" of rain overnight.  Cooler temps have moved in and so have the clouds.  It's a welcome reprieve from the 100+ degrees of a couple days ago.  A good day to curl up and read, or listen to, a good book.