Sunday, June 26, 2011

Country Living

There's nothing quite as peaceful as a summer Sunday morning out back on our patio.  Cottonwood seeds float like snowflakes, Orioles dip their beaks in the fresh spoonful of grape jelly, petunia faces look toward heaven, the flag swirls in a gentle breeze, and the three of us drink it all in along with our coffee.  A person can't help but sense the presence of something that feels like a Mother's love.

About 5 o'clock yesterday we headed west out of town for a late-afternoon drive.  Living in rural America, we have countless special places we return to over and over again.  Where we live, the country roads are gravel.  The gravel dust can get pretty nasty, and when it's really dry we tend to stay off of them.  One short drive and the car needs washing.   
Taken through the windshield

Fuzzy One loves the open window

I'm always wondering......
What's around the corner!
A river that eventually
runs near our home