Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joplin Tornadoes

The boyfriend has gone fishing the rain.  He and his cohort are garbed in rain jackets, rain pants, and boots.  When the Northerns are biting......hey, it's their responsibility to show up for duty.  It's the warrior in them.

But, I worry nonetheless.  Visions of their boat being struck by lightning are plaguing my head.  I sit back here praying there won't be another burial at sea!

Yesterday we saw two fawns.  Yup, the does are having their babies, so keep a lookout for the little buggers hopping around after their mamas, getting to know the world. 

Having No Mercy
 Boy, there have been some wicked storms in the Midwest last couple of days.  My heart goes out to the people in Joplin, Missouri, and the other towns in Oklahoma where the tornadoes have swept away lives, homes, and towns.  The skies have the look of evil when those funnel clouds form and lower themselves to the ground.  The people who experience tornadoes say that they sound like roaring trains.

What's up with all this destructive weather?  A person can't help but wonder if man's interrupting the atmosphere with satellites and all other signaling is creating unnatural conditions that eventually produce turbulent weather down here.  One can only ponder.

Water is running down the side of the street in front of our house.  Cars are driving by as people are leaving for work.  Raindrops are splattering in the rain puddles on the front porch.  It's a nice slow rain, so the corn fields are probably singing as they soak up the nourishment that heaven is dropping down on them.  The corn rows are now visible in most of the fields around this area.

Let's pray that the sky gods calm down and look upon us earthlings with favor.