Thursday, May 26, 2011

Connect the Dots

People, like me, who are being gifted with 64 plus years of life, have a panoramic view that younger people can't expect to have.  The big picture is starting to show itself, and it's time to sit back and sigh, "Ahhhhhhh, that's what it's all been about!"

I remember sitting with a #2 pencil and a coloring book carefully drawing a line from 1 to 2,  2 to 3 and 3 to 4 and so on until all the numbered dots were connected.  That was big stuff for us back when we were kids, because art was not something the Catholic nuns focused on.  When we reached the astounding heights of the stick man, we were given a gold star and that was that.

The dots in our life start out when we're newborns.  An invisible pencil starts drawing and continues drawing until one day only two dots are left.  What appears at that point is the picture of our life.  It is only then that everything that has happened to us makes any sense.  It's Our Creator's way of keeping us always in the dark, not knowing the reason for us being here.  I cannot count the number of times during my life that I wondered why oh why things had to be happening like they were.  There were years that followed one after the other that added one painful thing after the other.  I thought for sure my world would end.  But, just like all storms, there came the day when the sun came out once again and my line straightened out on its way to the next number.  My point being:  we cannot despair.....everything works out in time..... but we have to grow older to see the big picture.

I'm hoping that there are more dots left on my page to connect.  It's interesting how yesterday I was in a book store, and a thought ran through my head.  I'd better read every book that interests me, because I don't know how much time I have to consume and digest all the written words that are sitting on the book shelves.  It's like I want to know all I can possibly get to know while I'm here.

There are dots waiting to be connected, and my line won't draw itself.  I'd best strap on my #2 pencil and get moving here.