Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Challenge #34: Thoughts On This Tuesday

Frosty rooftops this morning, but the sun is shining now.  It seems like spring is having a hard time being born, but it keeps trying nonetheless.

This morning I had a 10:30 appointment to get my hair cut, but I canceled.  I'm known for canceling appointments and rescheduling them.  That's a girl's prerogative, right? 

I really like it when businesses call the day ahead to remind us of our appointments, mainly because once in a while we forget to write them down on our calendars.  The reminder is a good thing, especially for those of us who have entered the Wonderful World of Lost Thoughts.
I'm going to clean out one of our kitchen cupboards today and do some rearranging and organizing.  We have a coffee and cereal cupboard where we store our boxes of cereal, regular coffee, flavored coffees, and packets of tea.  It seems that it would be more efficient to have our everyday assortment of coffee mugs in that cupboard, as well.  I'll see if I can re-vamp it and improve its value to our kitchen.

What is it about springtime that energizes us to clean and want to have a fresh start!  Guess maybe that's one of the benefits to living in a 4-season climate.  During the winter months we get lax and lazy, but as soon as temperatures warm up, we get what feels like a strong dose of adrenalin.   I'm not one who likes to tackle huge projects and work like a nut case to the finish line.  Rather, I take the turtle approach and do a little at a time until my project is done!  Am not sure if that's a good thing, it's just the way I am these days.

Actually, I see no sense to hurrying.  Seems we spent more than enough years racing down life's track at break-neck speeds, only to find out that there was really no place to go.....except here.  Now that we're "here," there's surely no sense in us hurrying to that next big bus stop!  It's better we just mosey our way through these first days of Spring, whistling and watching Our Creator rewrite the Book of Genesis for us.