Monday, April 11, 2011

Challenge #33 - Socks for Japan

If you are like me, you feel helpless when natural disasters hit our Earth.  The latest one was in Japan when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed entire towns, leaving survivors dazed and searching for lost family members.  I sit in my home watching CNN and wish to high heaven there was some tangible way I could help.

Big organizations are getting a lot of publicity these days because corporate greed has misued donations.  When I hear things like that, unfortunately I get a bit gun shy about sending money anywhere.  But, I happened upon a website that might be just what I've been looking for.  It's called Socks for Japan.

Instead of me trying to explain the project, I'm simply posting the web address for anyone who might be interested in participating.  I know I'm going to Walmart this morning to buy some cute and colorful little-girl socks.  I want to feel in my heart that I may have touched the heart and soul of a little girl who may have lost her mommy or daddy, or both, or even her puppy.  The sadness over there has to be beyond our belief.