Saturday, April 09, 2011

Challenge #31 - Love Bouquets

Lake Superior is a glorious sight in the morning.  A couple of years back we camped in a bayside campground, and the morning sun transformed the lake into a sea of sparkling diamonds.  We took our lawn chairs out, our coffee, and watched the morning miracle unfold.

  One morning in particular, we were eating a local baker's recommended pecan rolls.  A little girl, about 3, was walking beside our campsite with her Grampa.  They stopped to talk a bit, and we learned that the little girl was born in Israel and now lives in South Africa, as her parents are in the Peace Corps.  Her Grampa told us that the way we see white-tail deer along our roadsides, the little girl sees zebras along the roadsides of South Africa.  The little girl's name was Irene.  She was picking yellow blossoms off wild plants and handing them to her Grampa, who was patiently holding the short stems for her until it became obvious she was picking more than he was able to hold.  So, I went in our camper and gave them a blue plastic glass to use as a vase for her bouquet of flowers.  Grampa told little Irene to say thank you.

The love that the Grampa had for that little girl dripped like syrup.  The little girl adored Grampa, as well.  The two of them were simply out for an early morning walk along Lake Superior, picking pretty flowers, and savoring their time together. 

The two of them touched me so much that they found their way into my daily journal.  There's a compelling kind of beauty that exists in this world of ours, and it has nothing to do with bright sunshine and glittering lakes.
I'd be willing to bet that little Irene will always remember how her Grampa held her flowers and took the time to go for a walk with her.  It's all about spending time together.  The simplest outing can have the greatest impact. Little children gravitate to those who give of themselves.  They want to feel more of that kind of love, foster that love, and take it back home with them. 

When I think about it, maybe all of us have invisible vases where we keep the bouquets of love we've gathered during our lifetime.  Invisible flower gardens.  Hmmmmm.  That's pretty cool, isn't it?