Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Challenge #28: Human Commonality

Poetry speaks to my soul, and some poems whisper softly to my soul.  One such poem is "A Little Girl's Dreams."  The words so eloquently take me back to kidhood when my days were spontaneous and carefree and every small natural wonder was mine.  I shall always be amazed by human commonality.  One person can author a poem that perfectly reflects another person's thoughts and feelings.  We're all so uniquely different on the outside, yet miraculously the same on the inside.

A Little Girl's Dreams
(by Angie Olson)

Dreams keep running through my mind
Reflecting memories of long ago.
Made in a land of fairy tales,
A place my heart longs for so.
Cut off from the rest of the world
With streams, and meadows to roam,
Viewed from a little girl's eyes,
A place that would always be home.

A place where berries grew wild
where rabbits and squirrels were seen
Where a racoon could be a friend
And deer played down by the stream.
A world where imagination made all come true

And a little girl could be a queen
Where daydreams were spun like cobwebs
But a world where everything wasn't what it seemed.
For every little girl has to grow up
And daydreams shatter in your hand,
You find the home you thought was your own
Is nothing but a simple piece of land.
The flowers don't seem to bloom so bright,
And fairy tales no longer come true,
For it is seen now through grownup eyes,
No longer the world that you knew.
But still.....Somewhere in the back of my mind
That place will always remain
From all those memories long ago
To beckon me back time and again.